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  1. WARNING : don`t you ever click those link..

    A person will write this “hi. how are you”

    If you answer this will come up

    “Wanna laugh :)”

    and if you say yes this hacker will send you a link to fake youtube video
    on top it will say you have to download the newest adobe player.
    If you do, not only will it crash your computer it will send this virus to alll your friends!.

    So if you get a message saying

    “hi. How are you”
    “wanna laugh”
    Link to a video
    Sorry , i have to sensored the victim :

    and then i click the link
    after that it appeared on youtube

    and it said need to download new flash player
    i download it and after that my computer detect the virus
    i hit the delete the virus
    and now my laptop can’t start properly
    it cant start by windows normally

    Please change your facebook password immediately after that

  2. Thank you so much for your very good advice.

  3. VIRUS and COMPUTER is since a long time come together..


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